Sage Denim Foundry

In early 2019, we finally revealed to the public, our year long research & development of our very own selvedge denim producing facility.
An unquestionable testament of quality, our best attempt to present you the best selvedge denim with pride.⁣

This is a story where the Japanese undoubted quality standard meets with Indonesian expertise & pride.⁣

Using Japanese raw materials, the best experts to handle the production, the best machineries in the industry & combined with our spirit of exploration to create our own perfected iteration of selvedge denim fabric.
Here are some of the notable imagery for your eyes to feast :

The Toyoda Shuttle Loom Machine

The machine that made notable selvedge denim fabrics from Japan, this is how denim from the old days were produced


Master Shuttle Loom Engineer

To ensure this vintage yet sturdy machine runs smoothly, we are working hand in hand with the best in the industry


The Shuttle

Small part, big significance, the one thing that differs the vintage appeal of selvedge denim and the projectile loomed


Japanese Raw Material

The yarns we use are the key to ensure the best possible fabric outcome, stay true to our criteria, and the only way to achieve it is to use the made in Japan indigo dyed yarn